17 May

📷HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography enhances property images by balancing light and dark areas.

Benefits of indoor HDR photography for real estate: 

  1.      Make rooms appear larger
  2.      Higher depth of field images improve the brightness of dark rooms
  3.      Property will be more inviting

Example of a ''Before and After''

Here are a 7 tips for preparing a property for HDR photography to get the best results.

1. Turn on All Lights Turn on all the lights inside the home. This is important for shooting at any time of the day. 

2. Turn Electronic Devices off Turn off the TV, computers, fans, or other household electronics that can cause a disturbance or look strange in photos. 

3. Make the Beds Make the beds and straighten duvets, quilts, or comforters. Fluff the pillows and smooth your linens to keep them even and wrinkle-free.  The small details stand out in photos. 

4. Adjust Towels and Curtains Put out fresh towels and arrange them. Straighten all curtains so everything looks polished and well put together. 

5. Dust and Wipe Down Everything Dust can be noticeable in photographs. Even the smallest amount can appear. Wipe down surfaces with a duster or damp cloth. Smudges on reflective surfaces like mirrors, windows, and appliances will sometimes show. Everything should be streak-free. 

6. Keep Pets Away Make arrangements for pets to be somewhere else during the photography process. Take them to a park or a relative’s house. 

7. Hide Unsightly Things 

  • Hide the following:
  • Trashcans
  • Power strips, cords, and cables
  • Paperwork
  • Small appliances
  • Toys
  • Bathroom products
  • Clutter
  • Broken items
  • Remove any religious or political items
  • Distracting decorations. 

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